iOS Wildcard Bundle ID


With my Apple developer account, i decided to create a wildcard Bundle ID because Apple only allows us to create two certificates and i don’t want to use them for our two main apps, as we want to create other apps soon with different settings. The wildcard ID has an * at the end as required by Apple, as below

I created the required files for AppStudio as usual and tried to use them when creating an ipa file for development testing. I get the below message.

Is there something that needs to be changed with AppStudio?


In your config.xml property, what do you have in this line?

id = "com.nsbasic.{id}"

You need to change that to match the App ID in the provisioning file.

I changed that line (was same as yours) in the config.xml to match the App ID which is as below:

But when i try to make the app, i get below:

Have i done it wrong in the config file?

Changed config.xml to below.
This works on my test phone and an ipad. However, one app tester said that the app would install but would not open due to integrity issues (not sure if he followed my steps correctly though).


So is it working?

All working now, thanks.