Ipa development, iPhone a must, I'd

May I know for ipa development(sending to appstore) (1)is iPhone or ipad a must? (2)if the 2nd hand ipad id(used for mobile development? ) is used before, can it still usable for ipa development for new user? Best rdgs, tst

It’s actually possible to develop an app for iOS without owning an iOS device using AppStudio + VoltBuilder. However, I would not suggest doing so. There is no substitute for testing on an actual device.

If you get a used device, make sure it is running at least iOS 12.

Sorry to bother u again, what abt my question abt ipad id…

I’m sorry, I do not understand that part of your question.

I mean, if I brought a 2nd hand ipad. The original owner is also an ipad developer. Can that ipad user ID be reuse, by me.

Especially, if the original developer still holds that 2nd hand ipad Id account… Best rdgs, tst

I don’t know the answer to this - you may need to check with Apple.

Thank you for taking time to reply!The readme reads all ipad is supported, is it true? The Web has a lot of conflicting article. The apple online states nothing. Best rdgs, tst

Hi, for iphone Id question, can’t seem to find the apple developer forum url. Anyone care to provide this link 4 me? Thanks in advance, tst

AppStudio supports all iPads. Newer ones have a lot of improvements over the original.

Apple’s Developer forums are here:

I think I miss-phrase my search str at the apple forum and found a wrong answer. Anyway, searching the Web, gives this answer:settings/iTunes n apple storel/apple id/select sign out.

Quoting “can run on all ipad”, what about ipad mini?

Yes, all iPads.