.ipa file produced by VoltBuilder will not load on device

I’m doing some of my first builds with VoltBuilder, so this may just be a newbie issue…

The .ipa file produced by VoltBuilder (ios.app-store.ipa) submits fine to Apple, and I can immediately load it on to a device (iPad) using TestFlight, but if I try to load the .ipa directly onto a device (using drag and drop onto the device when connected via cable to a Mac) I get the following error when I tap on the icon on the iPad:

“This app cannot be installed because its integrity could not be verified.”

Get the same message if I try to load it using the QR code. The provisioning profiles and certificates are all correct–again, it uploads to Apple just fine (and was working just fine with PhoneGap)

What am I missing?



Yes, that is how it is supposed to work from my understanding. An app-store build is meant to be distributed using TestFlight or the store.

Try using a Debug (Development) build.

OK–I don’t see a Debug/Development option, I only see Enterprise, Ad-Hoc and App-Store. I’m still on 8.2.2 because I’d needed to keep using PhoneGap–is the Development option visible in 8.4?



In Project Properties, look for Cordova command. It should be set to run ios debug.

You should be on 8.4. Older releases will stop working with VoltBuilder at some point today.

Thanks George. Got it now.

I plan to upgrade today–I’ve been in the process of changing some of my plugins that worked with PhoneGap but didn’t work with VoltBuilder (inappbrowser and file-transfer) and didn’t want to switch until I had that sorted since I needed to continue to deploy native builds almost daily. I’ve got those plugins sorted out now.


Great - let us know if you have more questions!