Ipad pro with 15" screen


Is NSBasic taken the advance of the IPAD pro with it 15" screen (lot of pixels)?


I’m afraid the biggest iPad Pro is still only 12.9" - still big!

AppStudio apps can expand to the full screen size, no matter how large.


Should be 12,9 " instead of 15"


The resolution of the new IPAD Pro is “2224 x 1668 pixels bij 264 ppi”

When I change to a new project and choose for the IPAD is get only 800x1080.

What will be happened with the difference in resolution?


When you run an app on the device, what value do you get for SysInfo(0) and SysInfo(1)?


How to acces these?
Never heard about it!


They are in the documentation:


MsgBox SysInfo(0) & " " & SysInfo(1)

George Henne
NS BASIC Corporation