Is an app developer allowed to fetch user account details

A user may fetch any account details using

GET {{application_url}}/api/user/{{customer_id}}

and an application developer the account details for all users with

GET {{dashboard_url}}/api/app/{{application_id}}/users

However, if I try to fetch the account details for a single user only, either with

GET {{application_url}}/api/user/{{customer_id}}

or with

GET {{dashboard_url}}/api/user/{{customer_id}}

I always get a 401 AuthenticationError

Is the developer not allowed to fetch the details of a single user (which would save bandwidth) but always has to fetch all users at once (which wastes bandwidth)?

[Edit] Not surprisingly, the developer also can not update the details of any application user (e.g, set first_name and last_name)

When logged in as an app owner (to the dashboard) you should be able to get and update individual user details. If you can share some specifics of your requests I might be able to help further - app IDs, user IDs, where you’re getting the auth token from, etc…

You may try yourself: I’ve just updated my “Postman collection for VoltCloud”, which now includes the request I’ve tried.

Just use that collection and

  • “login developer”
  • configure an application
  • configure a customer for that application or
  • “list customers” and then
  • “(get customer settings)”

Let’s see if that works for you

I just tested this using our javascript library and didn’t have any issues. A 401 would indicate that you aren’t passing authentication with the request. I haven’t taken a look at your postman collection, but I would start by checking that.


I made a typo in my Postman collection. After correcting that, requesting user details with developer access works like a charm.

The collection itself has already been updated on GitHub - my other repos will follow asap.

Sorry for bothering you!