Is it possible to download old version of appstudio


I need to make a little change to an app developed in version 4 and submitted to phonegap. The app has been working for 2 years with no need of changes. Now I badly need and update, but I can’t build the phonegap app because I have installed 4.2 version. I have tried the latest version and there is a lot of changes and errors I don’t have time to correct.

I wonder if you can sendme the 4.9 or 5.0 version to submit the app to phonegap. I need a solution asap.




Hi Roberto,

We can help get you the old version, but it is not clear from your email which one you want (There is no version 4.9).

Also, there is no guarantee this will solve anything. PhoneGap has made changes its services - only the current version of AppStudio as all the changes it needs.

George Henne
NS BASIC Corporation


Thanks for your answer. If you cand send me the link to Version 4.2.9 I will try it.


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