Is Possible Volbuilder compiles in old format?

Is that a way to compiles in Volbuinder older format (not android 12)?
we use websocket calls in internal IPs, and the new compiles format it is not allowed, cause the apk is running into a https window…

Yes. See this document.

Short answer: add this to your config.xml:

<engine name="android" spec="9.1.0" />

to work around the problem, use the code below to reload the app without the https protocol using

if (window.location.protocol.includes(‘https’)) {
window.location.protocol = ‘http:’;
End JavaScript

we ll try it, but is a problem to solv

works fine in android 9, but is a question to take a look, andorid 12 is no return…

I’m not sure I understand what the current issue is.

try to access any http inside android 12 app, the new version requires https, in my case i access an internal http by IP without htpps, dont work. It is impossible to put https in all my clients, they use an internal IP to access the websocket.
make a simple test with your websocket sample, compiles and try to use it in a internal IP without https protocol.

Thie https requirements are chrome. It’s concidered a CORS violation crossing from https to http. There is no way around it that I’m aware of.

I had a similar problem using an esp32 as a server.

If you’re only distributing the app internally, can you set the android engine back to 9.1.0? I believe these apps should still run on most devices, they just can’t be distributed via the play store.

Your only other option is to generate a certificate for your internal endpoint and install the certificate authority on all the devices along with the app.