Is the console developer I visit real?

After learning I can upload my android release app to playstore;the console developer I surf, needs to upload at least 4 version of same app, so, is the console developer I visit is fake? If there only needs one final release apk to upload. Also, I need to fill in a few tester email for testing purpose. I need to clear my doubt before purchasing voltbuilder. What is the real console developer url?

The link to the Google Play Console is in the docs:

Thanks a lot. This certainly helps!

After reading the docs, one doubt. May I know each successful app untill the final release to the world ,what is the numbers of release app needed…

Hi, I mean,including test and final release, how many min release apk to built for an app to finally face the public. Thanks in advance, tst

You’ll need to check Google for that - it’s out of our control.

Thanks a lot, really appreciate your nice support…