Is This Error Device Specific


Hi please see attached picture. Could someone tell me if this problem is due to a problem with the app or a problem with the device not being able to run the app because of a problem with the software on the device it’s self

Android 8.0 Samsung Galaxy S7




Is SurvEngCamp an app compiled with PhoneGap?


Hi George, thanks for getting back to me. Yes the app was compiled with PG. I’ve not long received a crash report through the Google play Developer consul (for some reason it takes about 24 hours to come through) and it was for: ListCanvas.throwifCannotDraw I did a bit of re-search online and found that the general consensus was that this is to do with images, mainly splashscreens. The error that was shown in the png that I provided was happening upon launch of the app so it made sense that it was a probable splash screen error. I checked the splashscreens for size and labelling and found that I had a typo in one of the labels i.e dawable when it should have been drawable. Anyway rebuilt app through PG and put back as an update on Google play and I’m now waiting for a response from user to see if this has cured the problem. As far as I know this has only affected Samsung Galaxy S7. This sort of thing happens when I don’t put my glasses on :slight_smile:




Good work - the Google Play Developer Console can be a lifesaver!

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