JavaScript must be enabled! error

The best I can tell this is NOT an Appstudio problem. But just maybe somebody on the forum has the solution or work-around for the ios problem. If that’s what it is.

(NSB AppStudio 4) I have an app on my private website that I wrote years ago. I downloaded to an iPhone 7 a couple years ago and have been using it every week since. Got another iphone 7 and was downloading the app to it. . Both phones have ios 14.7. My app will not download to the newer (to me) iphone7. It gives me in very large text ‘JavaScript must be enabled!’. Yes I have it enabled in Safari. The app does run from the website on the newer iphone7.

I have an old ipad that is capped at ios9.3.5. I Downloaded the app to the old ipad and it works fine. I also have a new ipad ios 14.7, same problem as my newer iphone7. So to me its something in the ios that I have to check or un-check. Any ideas?

Thanks for any ideas. Gary

You could try it with a different web browser such as google (instead of safari) to see if that makes any difference, it might help to narrow down the cause.

The ‘JavaScript’ message IS coming from appstudio from the index.html module. I commented it out and everything is working fine. Probably my old appversion version 4 but that’s ok for this app. I have no idea how the message is being triggered in the newer version of ios and right now I don’t really need to know. Hey it works and the gang is happy.
Thanks for any consideration of my issue. Gary

It’s from this line in index.html:

<noscript><h1>JavaScript must be enabled!</h1></noscript>

Here’s how noscript works. The <noscript> element defines a section of HTML to be inserted if a script type on the page is unsupported or if scripting is currently turned off in the browser.