JQuery menu (list control) freeze

Hello, I’m using the jquery menu with 365 items added on load, It loads ok, but at Android it does not scroll below mor then 30 items, on chrome it Works fine (F5) if we insist, it goes down more some items but later it does not goes to the first item :frowning:

Any idea?

Which control are you using? Is it the jqWidgets Menu?

List from jQuery Mobile Menu

I created a new project, added jQuery Mobile List control and this code:

Sub Main()
  For i=1 To 365
End Sub

I then deployed it and ran it on an Android device. It worked fine.

This is the code:

function frmMain_onshow()
   for i = 0 To 364
End function

I didn’t test in another phone yet, mine is Samsung A7 2018 with Android 9
I sent the full Project for your ymail, it is in the beginning, first time you run it you choose the Reading plan, today there is only one, chronological, next time it fills the list with all the data from array. It is very simple yet. :frowning:

P.S. I’m deploying using phonegap and downloading and installing the apk

This doesn’t look like a bug in AppStudio. You’ll need to do some investigation.

  • Try making the smallest project which reproduces the problem.

  • Does it fail only as a PhoneGap app?

Yes, it Works fine using desktop chrome (F5)

I assummed it was a problem with this old Project file frozen, So I created a new .project file, recreated all forms, copied code, Make Phonegap Native Code and … surprise… same behavior :frowning: Remembering this problem occours on my phone apk: https://filedn.com/lQgPCH06saGVHzXqqiupjqF (First time you run choose Plano de Leitura, Pronto, Pronto so you must return to main screen)

Please go back and look at my last reply.

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