JQuery Mobile Usage

I have read a lot about JQuery Mobile being obsolete and we shouldn’t use it. But, I have to say, I like JQuery’s widgets a lot more then Bootstraps 4’s widgets. All of my work is strictly with webapps and I don’t use PhoneGap to convert any of my webapps into strict phone apps.

With Version 8, JQery Mobile has been pushed to the bottom of the list and marked as obsolete.

I just wanted to add my 2cents that I hope it doesn’t get completely deleted from the list. I love JQuery Mobile and just don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t use it.

Thanks Rodney Wirtz

We pushed it to the bottom of the list and marked as obsolete since we do not want people to start new projects using it.

jQuery Mobile is not the same as jqWidgets. jqWidgets is well supported by its developers - they’re solid and up to date.

jQuery Mobile relies on the jQuery 2.x library. This has known security issues: you’ll get warning messages from your browser if you use it.

We have no plans to delete it entirely - we know there are a lot of projects using jQuery Mobile out there. We do have a conversion utility which takes care of a lot of the work of conversion:

Thank you for reply. I will start using Bootstrap (kicking and screaming) and get onboard with best practices. Thanks, Rodney

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Not gonna lie I have fond memories the first time I used jQuery. It was so magical to me.

What makes technology so exciting is it’s always changing and it’s also the same reason that can make it difficult.

I’ve been fiddling with React.js and would love to see an Appstudio integration with it. I’ve been able hack a simple hello world toolbox component. Its messy but I know it can be done.