JQWidget Window

I am using the sample for the JQWidget Window control. When showing Window1(Content1) where Content1 is a the simple modal from with a Bootstrap Input control and a Common label. I can’t seem to dynamically set the Label’s caption. I tried using the Content1_onShow event:

Function Content1_onshow()
End Function

I cannot seem to change the Window Title programatically either:

Function btnContent1_onclick()
_ Window1.title = “TEST TITLE”
_ Window1.show(Content1) _
End Function

What I desire is a popup window where the user sees an appropriate label and Title based on the product chosen and an input control where they enter a quantity. Saving (the Button on_click event in Content1) would pass the Quantity back to the calling form. How are the values of a Windows Input controls passed back to the original form? Any guidance is appreciated.

Window.nsx (22.4 KB)

This is pretty much a non-issue. The Window.Show(Content) needs to invoked first before making any changes to the window and controls, then everything works as expected.