jqWidgets Serial Number

I have purchased a license for jqWidgets and am asked to enter it in the Frameworks section along with the path to the Widgets folder. When I look at the page source, the license is clearly viewable. Is it possible someone else could use my license in their program? Thanks, Rodney

That would appear to be the case, but no real damage will be done. You might want to check with jqWidgets what the best practice is.

I also have a jqWidgets license and I download the latest build from the client portal to a folder in my project folder. I then add that folder to the jqWidgetsPath field in Project Properties rather than the URL for jqWidgets. There is no need to enter the License, or any jqx files your app does not need. This method gives you more control if jqWidgets makes an undesirable change to a file and allows off line access to the files you need.