Can’t get the Javascript sample for jqxPhotoGallery to work. It says it can’t find the images. Advise?


Here’s the fixed version:

It will be included in the next build.


Still saying that it can’t find the images. They are originally in the ‘includes’ folder. I tried putting a copy of them in the root project folder also - still can’t find them.


The includes folder was the problem.

Does the file I sent not work properly?


The one you sent still had the includes folder. Can you provide a new link to updated project or tell me how to fix it? Thanks -


I see what’s going on. Fresh file coming up in a bit…


Here you go!


Excellent work nicely. One question - I notice there are two files for each image in the project folder - p1_ong.js and p1.png. What is the .js one? Is it something I need to add when I use my own pictures? Thanks!


You can ignore the *.png.js files - they’re artifacts.