jqxWindow with button

I am trying to show a jqxWindow with button and the button is not appearing. Any have ideas on how to solve this issue?

          content: lcontent.value, 
          title: 'Mitzvah',
          showCloseButton: true,
          position: { x: posX, y: posY }, 
          isModal: true

                okButton: $('#ok'),
                initContent: function () {
                    $('#ok').jqxButton({ width: '65px', theme: 'energyblue' });



When you run it, do any errors show up in the Chrome Debugger?

No error in debugger.

I did try using the Window1.Show(Form1) as one of your tech notes showed, but I couldn’t get the Form to show more than once, I get an underfined error after the first execution. I also, could not hide the scroll bar in the window.


The sample shows a Window with a Button on it. Is that what you are trying to do?

Yes, I was trying to replicate the above form.

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