Key signed app and make native build with phonegap

as per app signed key document, am i still able to use make native build with phonegap feature in nsbasic/app studio if my app has already assigned a signed key, or i need to login phonegap to rebuild


You may need to sign into PhoneGap to unlock the key.

do you mean
i will always get a “debug-mode” app if i am using NBS make native build
if i want to have a “production-mode” app, i need to sign in phonegap to unlock the key and build it


That’s correct. To build a release version with PhoneGap Build, you need PhoneGap Build account.

however, since yesterday, i have signed in phonegap account, unlock signkey to my app and build app with android, until today the build is still pending. I have no idea what to do next

Did you try deleting it on PhoneGap and resubmitting?

build success after delete it and resubmit. Thanks

Just wonder is that possible to specify a build output filename instead of app-release.xxxx.apk on phonegap build

PhoneGap Build does not have an option for this.