Latest App Studio update crash

I am still having trouble updating from my early 2016 ver 6.02 copy of NSB.
I can reload my old version , but the new version trips off Norton who
thinks it has a virus. I get the following messages from Norton:
"Auto Protect blocked this Heuristic Virus. No further action required"
and I also get:
Unable to execute file. (path), Create Process failed, code 2. The system cannot find the file specified.


Bob Briscoe

I don’t know a way around this short of turning off Norton while doing the install.

We’ve done everything we can to make AppStudio look legit to Norton. However, one of its criteria is that it has a number of users already - which is sort of a chicken and egg problem with a new release.

You might try contacting Norton.

Actually it is saying that Auto Protect blocked this Heuristic Virus. I am aware of the Norton issue with few users, etc, but his is different. I never got this warning before/

Is anyone else seeing this?

Bob, could you ask Norton for more info?