List cannot be Hidden at Design time. (Bug?)

I set the List as Hidden = True at design time (in the designer) but the list is still very visible when I run the program.

I tried hiding the list at runtime in the form’s “onshow” event but you can see the list for a split second when the form loads before it disappears. That is VERY ugly and makes my app look buggy.

list.hidden = true;

I put “list.hidden = true;” in the global space and that hides the list before the form is first loaded, but… It’s just bad practice to put that there. (IMHO)

To fix all the ugly on subsequent loads I just added…

list.hidden = true;

…so that the list is hidden before the form is loaded again.

I am using version on Windows and testing with Chrome.

You’re right - thanks for reporting this.

It is fixed in 6.2.7, just released now.

Since updating to 6.2.7 the list object can be hidden at design time but a new problem arises. The problem is that once it is hidden at design time it cannot be shown at run time with list.hidden = false. For now I am still using the fix I described before.

Also I noticed that code completion suggests a list.hide() and but they do not work.

Thanks for reporting this - I’ve added it to our ToDo list.

Appears to still be a problem to ‘un-hidden’ at runtime - that is, if you set ‘hidden’ to True at design time, then at runtime:

Label1.hidden = False

doesn’t work.

Just tried this here in a little test app. It worked OK for me.

Can you try doing that to see if the problem is what you think it is?