Live streaming and interactive app

I m planning writing a live streaming and interactive app by using appstudio, is anyone have idea or guidance for me to refer?


Hi Teo!

Not sure about “live” streaming and also interactive, but you may embed an “interactive video”, using a H5P iframe inside an AppStudio HTMLview component.
Something like this
Another approach, using “live streaming” would be playing with JPlayer library. The original NSBasic code is here
You may also find it in AppStudio app at “Open Sample Project” menu. Just search for JPlayer. Unfortunately, I haven’t updated it for a long time. Not sure if it would be an “interactive” candidate.

As I am still in ver 7.4.2, that H5P example was created using it. But, it may work in 8+.



I have that feature on my roadmap. It looks pretty easy. The process is called Real Time Communications called WebRTC. If you google “html5 RTC” you’ll get several tutorials at the top of the list.

The biggest issue I had was a “turn server” (you’ll learn about that in the tutorials). I tried finding any kind of code or tutorials on how to write a TURN server but I came up empty. What I did find was this company:

Viagenie numb STUN/TURN server.

I have some javascript code etc but I haven’t gotten to the point of communicating between two devices. On other things now.