Load AJAX called base64 string into Image Control

Hi all,

I’m looking for some guidance on how to load a base64 string image into an Image Control.

Currently, my app works as follows:
Take a photo using a Camera Control
Display the photo in PictureBox1
Using AJAX, POST PictureBox1.toDataURL() to my database
Using AJAX, GET PictureBox1.toDataURL() from my database
Assign Image1.src=results[0][0]

results[0][0] gives me ~ “…”
so i’m confused why it isn’t working

There is a sample project for base64 images, found under Javascript > 2. Features > Sounds and Images > Base64Image.project. If the sample project doesn’t help, would you please share your code?

My first try would be encodeuricomponent(PictureBox1.toDataURL()) before sending. Then decode on retrieving obviously.