Local html on note 3

Hi,i found out that appstudio ver 8 android app cant be run in my samsung note 3(os 5),it caused a parse err. However,if you use a file manager to locate your local html file,and open with internet app,and bookmark it.you can run it.cheers…best rdgs,tst

However,i think not all ver 8 html file can run on note3(android).

Can you give the specific message/line number?

What version of Android is the device running?

When i copy the apk from the pc to micro sd card,then micro sdcard to the internal memory.when trying to run the apk,it says :can’t parse the apk.the os is 5.i have never run remote console before;think it needs to usb link to pc,but my note3 usb port is faulty,what should i do?

To be accurate,:“parse error,there was a problem while parsing the package,ok”.all my ver8 app runs correctly on my new vivo,slighly old huawei,new samsung tab. Best rdgs,tst

Cant really remember, my old app,price.apk(shown on past nsbasic contest),should be a appstudio ver 5 android apk.it ran fine on note3,also reinstall fine on note3 now.

Hi,i think i will try creating a welcome world type of apk,and sent to my phone(note 3) through microsd card,tmr night.may be i used up too many memory or create way too many variable…best rdgs,tst

(1) button1.debug.v1.0.0.apk
Both shows parse error,there was a problem while parsing the package
[1] iphone screen with a button
[2] responsive screen with a gridrow,1gridcolumn,1 image.
Best rdgs,tst

Can you send a screenshot of the actual error?

We’ve never seen this before. Does the package install on other Android devices?

Here are some possibilities - google for more.


VoltBuilder_os4_2_2.log (2.2 KB)
VoltBuilder_os5_1_1.log (54.2 KB)
I try change the config to …engine…5.0.0,another time,…engine…4.2.2 to match my 2 old phone.there are 2 different message and 2 different Voltbuilder log file.

Now,currently,i have a phone.just thinking it would be very nice if old phone is able to load my own app.

…npm err… os 4.2.2
…cordova err…os 5.0.0.hopes my info helps…best rdgs,tst

Those value are too old for <engine - they are no longer supported by Cordova.

Noted with thanks…:blush: