Local Resource error when debugging in Chrome

Hi, new member here…

When I try to run/debug my project in the browser, the images do not load with a not allowed to load local resource error…

All suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Can you show the complete message?

You’ll note that the image in the HEADER is ‘broken’ and the error is is the INSPECT / CONSOLE

In another thread I am asking why the image control causes the header text to get pushed down whilst the Hamburger does not?

It looks like the path to the image is an absolute path on your PC. The files should be in your project folder, with a relative path to them. (At runtime, the app has no idea what a C: drive is - especially on an iOS or Android device.)

One of the other guys will be answering your other question.

Excellent news, mr. George. I’ll make the corrections.

Thanks for helping out!

BTW I was an NSBasic user many years back and lost touch. These later versions are a gift to app developers. Very nicely done!!

Tony O’Brien

Thanks, Tony!