Local Storage and SQLite cache

From the wiki documents, it says that Local Storage is lost if the browser cache is cleared on some devices. It also says to use SQLite database instead so data is not lost if cache is cleared.

Is this still valid?

For all my applications, if i clear my Chrome browser, all sql databases are cleared also.

Just looking for some clarification.

My experience has been that clearing the desktop browser cache clears everything but on mobile PGB apps clearing the browser cache leaves both local storage and SQLite intact. Both Apple and Android clearly state that local storage can be lost and should not be considered safe or permanent while SQLite doesn’t come with that warning and is considered safe.

I have experienced the same as you.
Are there any places to store parameters using Chrome browser that are safe from getting cleared easily?


If you really want to keep your data safe, keep a copy on a server. Mobile devices are prone to being run over by cars and busses.

Volt has ServerStorage for this:

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Cars, busses, drops in toilet, etc. :slight_smile:

As George pointed out, the server is the only safe place but the information that ties the user to the server (cookies, userid’s in local storage, SQLite etc) is always at risk. The good news is that the user typically expects to log back in when they clear their cache.

Thanks. I also save the info on my server.