Location of images to be loaded in a PictureBox @ runtime

I’ve a simple NSB 6 web app, in which I put a PictureBox, which I’d like to fill in code. The console rises an error 404. I’ve tried different locations with no luck.
Can Y pls help me?

============================relevant code=============================
Function Form_ini_onshow()
T=SetTimeout(goToForm0, 1200)
End Function
============================end of relevant code=============================



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Have you included ‘images’ in the manifest property (In Project Properties)?

Hello George.
is it another breaking change? In the old (vers.4) project, migrated to the new one, I didn’t write such a parameter (?). Should I write “Images” into “Manifest”?

Did you give it a try?

I wrote “images” into the manifest parameter

However, I get another error, and the image still doesn’t load


You probably need to clear the cache in your browser.

To read more on this, go to the AppStudio Help menu and choose Handbook Offline. Then,

  • Main page (on the left)
  • Tech Notes
  • Solutions to Common Problems