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After a previous start and then stop caused by covid, we are under way now with a pretty substantial project, and we will be using AppStudio for it – to create a cross platform version of our medical office appointment architecture. The apps will be deployed on the web external and internal facing, as well as built as native iOS and Android apps using VoltBuilder.

Would love to collaborate in some way with other developers using AppStudio for hybrid apps across the platforms.

Hi Frank, covid has been interesting yet I have stayed very busy as a freelancer. I have been using Xamarin and Appstudio for mobile apps. My backend work has been mainly with C# for API’s and sites.
Sounds like a good project you have going.

Have you done any work with jqWidgets yet? I am thinking of purchasing a lic.


Hi Ryan,

My colleague has done work with jqWidgets. For our AppStudio project, however, we recently standardized on BS 4 controls because were getting better mobile behavior.

Depending on your particular application, some thoughts:

In an attempt to minimize conversion issues, I’ve reduced our apps to a small set of BS4 controls and rely mostly on the common controls. You’d be surprised what just the label and common grid can accomplish when spiced up with some embedded html. When the BS4 controls are used in multiple areas, as when needing to input data, a single form is used for that control. Should the need arise only that one control in that one form will need to be updated.

If you are developing for remote data collection, then sending to a server, you may not need to compile to native. So, one (progressive) web app to run on all devices makes life easier.

A good number of years ago I developed a Windows based program for the collection of nursing assessment intake and visits. It had to conform to Medicare requirements which changed every 2 years. New data in, old data out. The program had to be updated quickly without a lot of major changes to it’s data base and visual input displays. We developed methods of accomplishing this without even needing to recompile that program. External data tables changed the program without adding new code to it. This is a bit trickier to accomplish, but when done, much less programming time is needed for creating updates.

For more specific directed questions you can contact me at john@prograsa.com


Good points John

Thank you for sharing that John, and your email.

We will build for native - for the marketing aspect of being found in the stores. But we will lay out for best rendering across all web and native mobile.

What approach are you taking for building the APIs?

I am using ASP.NET Core Web API with Dapper ORM primarily. It is a great toolset that is fairly easy to deploy. I have built PHP backends though too.