Lower Priority Wish List Item

I just did a webapp and had to change the ‘layer’ of a couple of elements. I wanted to send them to the ‘back.’ To do that, I had to ‘click’ each one up the display tree to get them in the background. It would be nice to have a right click where you could move back, forward, all the back and all the way forward.

Moving them up and down, one step at a time in the Project Explorer is a little tedious.

Thanks Rodney Wirtz

Have you tried cut and paste? You can cut a control in the Project Explorer, then paste it into a container.

I think this is going off-topic now, but since you mentioned this…

I wanted to put a box around a number of controls. When I used the Container control and added a label to it, the label was placed in the upper left-hand corner and I couldn’t change its position. It was, as you mentioned above, a sub-item under the Container control. I spent 10 mins trying to get the label out of the upper corner, but it wouldn’t budge.

So, I gave up on the Container control and used a label, removed the text, made it big, gave it border and fill and moved it up the stack in the Project Explorer (this is where I was trying to send the label to the ‘back’).

Here’s what the screen ended up looking like. The boxes around the controls are actually labels.

You were probably looking for the position property in the Container - that sets the rules for positioning children.


Thanks George. This did help my understanding of the container control and positioning controls within it. Rodney