Mac no more needed?

Hi,is it true that for every step of creating ,uploading,compiling of iphone app,i do not need a mac to do so?i am totally ignorant in the process of an iphone app posting to appstore
.is there a video or technote created by nsbasic team showing the whole process.iphone app to appstore procedure seems difficult for i need to purchase an iphone for testing purpose?. Best rdgs,tst

Correct. No Mac is needed to create iOS apps using AppStudio.

VoltSigner lets you create certificates without a Mac.

VoltBuilder lets you create .ipa executables for iOS devices. No Mac.

VoltBuilder also can upload your .ipa to the iTunes Store. No Mac.

Hi,i somehow feel iphone app to appstore step by step is not as detail as apk to playstore step by step.lack of iphone ipa password creation procedure and iphone website ipa procedure initialising and follow up procedure.could nsbasic team beef up in this aspect?i believe iphone app go through is more sophisticated.any help is appreciated.just black off the password if needed ,but made sure the user knows what kind of password to key in.thanks in advance,tst

Hi,somehow,i copy the nsb ipa to appstore link,but couldn’t paste it here.i am concern that the link says the certificate getting procedure needs a it updated?what about the config file?is it updated?

I’m having trouble understanding your question. Can you explain more clearly?

I mean the ‘ipa to appstore’ webpage still says mac is needed for handling certificate.another thing is i would suggest more picture to be used for this webpage,as pic speaks a thoundsand words. Sorry for the trouble,tst

I an refer to …Wiki- submit to appstore

Thank you for pointing this out - we will correct this today.

If i am trying to load an old iphone into os 14 or 15…how do i do it?do i need a mac to do the job?

This isn’t an AppStudio question.

iPhones can update their OS over the air. No Mac is needed.

Ok,thanks for your info.noted,tst