Make inline checkbox in line with checkbox header

I have an inline checkbox. I don’t usually use the header for this reason but want to upskill myself and save a bit of hassle so I want to make the inline checkbox items in line with the header.

It appears it is the badge taking up that space. I tried setting = '0px' and = '0px', but no success. There is also a <br> in there too.

Which framework’s checkbox are you using (e.g., Bootstrap 5, jqWidgets, etc.)?

Sorry, BS4

Badges that are left empty have a display: none; applied, so other styles applied to the badge won’t appear.

The issue here is that there is a <br> tag being added after the badge’s <span>. Removing the <br> will align the checkboxes with the header. A workaround for removing the <br> is with jQuery: $('br').remove();.

We’re looking into the <br> further. Let us know if you have further questions!

This should be fixed in the next build of AppStudio - thanks for helping us isolate the issue!

Speaking of which, that far away?

Just dealing with a last minute glitch in the build process.

This is in 9.0.3, released a few minutes ago.