Make Native App with Cordova on Local Machine

Please help
I couldn’t find the option under RUN to “Make Native App with Cordova” what I saw is “Make Native App with PhoneGap” and “Make Native App with PhoneGap CLI”.
There is also no section under Project properties for Cordova Settings.

As phoneGap has been discontinued I have installed cordova on my local machine but couldn’t see how to proceed with NSBASIC. Kindly assist on how to proceed.
I am using NSB/AppStudio Developer Edition.

Yes, PhoneGap has turned off their servers.

We’ve created VoltBuilder as a replacement, not only for AppStudio users, but everyone who was using PhoneGap. It’s working well.

We recommend AppStudio users use VoltBuilder. Unless you know what you are doing, it is a LOT easier than Cordova.

Here is some documentation:
Using Cordova with AppStudio
Official Cordova Documentation
Why use a Build Service?

Keep mind that is very old - we can’t tell you whether it will work with the current Cordova.