Make Native App with Cordova option is failing preflight check

It fails the preflight check right away with these errors on my Mac running 10.15.7 (Catalina):

node not found.
npm not found.
cordova not found.

Node, npm and cordova are installed. They all run fine from Terminal and are in my $PATH. Does anyone have any ideas?

Just for context, I’m using VoltBuilder to build the Android and iOS apps. That works great, and I highly recommend this service. I’m in the process of submitting to the stores, but need the proper screenshots. The only way I know to get the screenshots in the right sizes is to run the emulators. That’s why I’m trying to build using Cordova – for Xcode in particular.

So I did an end run around this problem by just using the Safari browser on the Simulator pointed to VoltServer and then adding the app to the Home Screen in order to hide the browser bar.

With this approach, I ran the Simulator as different devices and made the appropriate screen shots for app submission.

It would still be nice to know why AppStudio can’t find node, npm and cordova, though.

I wish I had a simple answer to this one. Builds using local Cordova generally work well on a clean, new installed computer. However, the real world is not that pretty.

That’s the major reason we built VoltBuilder - we have complete control of the build environment and can make sure everything is in the right spot and all the dependancies are updated to the latest versions.