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New to this, please someone clarify this.
Using AppStudio to develop Android apps for personal use and non-profit. I build my first app using “Make Native App with PhoneGap Build” and downloaded the apk and installed it on my phone. All was fine but, when I installed another new apk it replaced the previous one. This kept occurring.
Am I only allowed 1 app? Do I need to register for more free on PhoneGap? And finally can I use the jqWidgets available by Appstudio in my personal apps and mention the web site in the “About” form on my app or need also to get a license for non-profit use? (hope I am not asking too much here).


The free tier of PhoneGap Build only allows 1 app (scroll down):

The id in line 5 of configxml (found in Project Properties) needs to be unique for each app.

jqWidgets licence policies are here:

If you have several questions, it’s best to open separate issues. It makes it easier for other who are looking for answers later.


Thank you, I’ll know better next time.

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