Make Native App with PhoneGap CLI issue


I searched through the list, but not finding a situation like I have. I am trying to build the IOS version of our app using
Make Native App with PhoneGap CLI. I set the build path and the build command in preferences and set Deploy to local folder.

When I click Make Native app with PhoneGap CLI the pop up window is blank and it does not seem to be building even though down at the bottom of the window it says PhoneGap CLI written. Executing Build Command

Is there a log file that I can view to see if there is an error or what might be happening? I am using
mac os sierra 10.12.5
cordova 7.0.1


First, do you have a specific need for PhoneGap CLI? PhoneGap Build is much easier!

You can also create your app by entering the commands directly on the command line. That way, you can see the messages which are returned.


Thank you for your response.
I am trying to bring up another mac workstation to do the builds of our app for ios. Our app interacts with proximity beacons and uses several plugins, so I guess that is why we are using CLI. However, I think I made a little progress after finding this post from last year. It seemed that even though I defined my build path, it was not recognizing the part /usr/local/bin that I had.
this was what I previously had in my Build Command in appstudio preferences phonegap tab:
export PATH="/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin";cordova build

I put an echo $path like the guy did in the message I found (see below) and it did not list user/local/bin

I appended it like they did in this post I found and now it looks like it is doing something, at least I have output in the build.log to review, but before the build.log was empty.

Would the non CLI build handle this app?

Thank you,

p.s.Here is the message I found and was going from.

Hi George,
I got a work around going. In the preferences for Phonegap I now have “export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH&&echo $PATH&&cordova build” for the Build Command and it works. With the “/usr/local/bin:” added to the front of the path AppStudio is able to find cordova. The “echo $PATH” command should not be necessary but it doesn’t hurt to have the path shown.

– Arthur
Thanks for not giving up and digging into this. We’ll make sure this is put into AppStudio.

George Henne
NS BASIC Corporation


Have you been able too successfully build out using PhoneGap CLI? I found that unless your machine is set up to do this, AppStudio will not build out.

It took me hours to figure out how to build locally but I did end up getting it to work. Unless you have a real need to build with CLI, I found the Adobe Build Service saved me a ton of time.


Yes, we have had it running for about 2 years now with CLI, both on windows for android and macs for ios. Just yesterday we got it to finally build on another ios machine, so are going to replicate the steps on the workstation I am working on. However, I will try what you suggest with the non CLI to see how we could speed things up. Thank you for your suggestion.

Thank you,