Manifest and a database

I have AppStudio
I want to put my SQLite database in the manifest file.
It looks like a JSON file.
I’m not that familiar with the format of these files.
What does the manifest file look like with the database file name it?
Can up provide a sample?

I see you’re already looking at the Northwind sample - that’s the place to start. AppStudio has commands to export/import an SQLite database into JSON format so it can be easily moved around.

The database is not going to a server.
I’m putting it on a phone.
The notes I am seeing is that it’s name should be put into the manifest.
What is it’s format for the JSON file?

So, you’re saying export the SQLite database to a JSON file,
copy that to the phone,
then import it into a SQLite database with the app on the phone,
then it should work all right?


Right. AppStudio takes care of converting the database to and from json, as well as downloading it to your app.

The magic happens to this line in the extraFiles property: (it may be called manifest if you have an older version of AppStudio)