Mid 2nd parameter, Len or intend?

I downloaded the nsb841, however, I get the err strmid. Substr is not a function. Language ref says the 2nd parameter is length, but the basic functions. Js, mid 2nd parameter is intend. Which one is correct? Screenshot 2020-11-09 111219|690x388

It looks like you are calling the Mid() function with an invalid value.

Look at line 6275 in your code.js file.

Thanks for the pointer. Will take a look tomorrow night. Now working… Best rdgs, tst

Thanks for the pointer, here is the code…

strr = CStr(enn)
f = Len(strr)
If f <= 0 Then
   Exit Sub
End If  
If TypeName(enn) = String Then
  en = enn
  en = CStr(enn)  
End I
'continue with conversion
end function  ```