Migration from V4 to V8.5

I have converted my project from v4 to v8.5 but none of the jquerymobile controls displlay in design mode. The project will run Ok though in Chrome.

Support for jQuery Mobile was dropped in Version 8. It hasn’t been updated in more that 5 years and relies on a version of jQuery which is no longer considered secure. It’s dead.

Have a look at the Framework Converter. It will do most of the work of updating your project to use Bootstrap.

Thanks. The converter has done a fairly good job. I have an issue with the listGroup control. In jquery mobile i could display a list of jobs and when adding new items reference the database id of the job. When the user clicked a list item I could then use the index property which contained the database ID.
How do I achieve this in listGroup?

Docs for ListGroup are here.

You’ll probably need to keep these value in a separate array, then use choice in the onclick event to select the element of the array.

There are fancier ways to do this too, of course.

Thanks. How do I set the value of the “Switch” control in code?

Switch1.value = false

See the Switch docs.

Thanks guys. Project converted, debugged and deployed in less than a day and now runs from iOs 14.6 Home Screen which was the start of the original problem. Superb.

Great news!

Hopefully, this will encourage others who have been putting this off.

Last thing. The project has dropped the icon that was saved. It wasn’t actually an icon but a 57square pixel jpeg. It said something about it being the wrong size. Have you any advice? Thanks.

What’s the exact message? When does it appear?