Modal (Bootstrap) no longer working

Since the recent update, the bootstrap Modals are not working in my projects (old or new). I cannot get them to display on the Design screen for editing even with the style property set to display:block and the Form set to Full screen. Even starting a new blank project, dropping the bootstrap modal on the form, set it’s style to display:block, all I get is the transparent outline. Any child objects added to the modal are also invisible.

Screenshot -->

Any suggestions?

AppStudio,, Windows 10

Just tried the sample - it works fine.

You have missed this in the Wiki:

Since it does not display on the Design Screen, it can be difficult to edit. There’s an easy solution. Add ‘display:block’ to the style attribute. Don’t forget to remove it when you are done.

Did you see the screenshot I posted? It clearly shows “display:block” entered into the style property. The Wiki is the first place I looked. Does not work here for some reason even on a freshly created project. Please see the screenshot. Is there something that needs to be cleared that might be causing this?

Sorry - didn’t notice that.

Did you try the sample?

Same problem when trying the sample (see new screenshot).

Here is the sample Modal project that does not display correctly here.
Modal_Sample.nsx (23.8 KB)

What version are you comparing too? I went back to 6.2.7 and see the same behaviour.

Not 100% sure but I believe it was 6.2.7. I had not updated to 6.3xx right away when it was released. Just kept working in the earlier version. Then just updated to Also tried uninstalling and re-installing. The modals work fine during runtime.

For now, I’m just kind of blindly assembling the modal child objects together and relying on the properties for position and other attributes. Kind of a pain but it works :confused: