Modal Form width limit


I’m having problems creating a modal form that is wider than 500px within AppStudio. AppStudio will not support anything wider. However, the modal form works fine once it is deployed.

For example, create a normal/standard form that is, say, 600x300. Then make it a modal form (modal:True) and you’ll notice that AppStudio will immediately shrink the width of the form in the design screen/window to 500px. However, if you deploy the project, the modal form will retain its width of 600px.

The attached image shows the form at only 500px wide even though it’s configured at 600px which you can tell because of the white designwidth that extends to the full 600px.

Is this a bug?


Modals have max-width:90% in their their default style. You can enter a different value for this in the form’s style property.


90% of what exactly? If it won’t show more than 500px, that would assume a maximum width of 555px. Where did that come from? My standard forms are 1024 wide, so it should let me specify modal forms up to over 900 wide. And if I make my modal form 400 wide, it’s 400 wide - no 90% there.

You sure that’s relevant here? What am I missing?


If you set this in style, you’ll get 900 pixels wide: max-width:900px;

Thanks, that worked fine. :slight_smile:

I’m still curious to know why a max-width of 90% allowed an actual max-width of only 500px. Wouldn’t it make more sense for AppStudio to base the percentage size on the Project’s default size?

So in my case, my Project is based on the default size of an iPad (1080x800), so I would have thought any modal form would max out at 972px (90% of 1080) if max-width:90%.

Not important though, just a passing observation of something that didn’t seem very logical to me. :grin: