Navs Value Does not work for items another than the zero (first) item

If you simply add a button to the Navs sample and add code:

Function Button1_onclick()
End Function

The alert will show the correct value of 0 (zero) when Navs3 Item 1 is selected. But when you select Item 2 and then click the Button, the value of -1 is displayed when you should receive a 1 (one).

This is not working as designed.


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alert isn’t a good tool to see what is going on here - it has its own click handling logic which will interfere with the button onclick.

Do you see the same problem is you use console.log(Navs3.value)?

Same result. Same if you put the console log in the Navs onclick or Button onclick.

Good news - this one has already been fixed. We should have the update out today.

Great. Thx

AppStudio is now available - it should fix your problem.

I’m running 8551 and it’s not saying an update is available.

Does this update fix the lack of red line under code with incorrect syntax?

You need to download it from here:

New version hints will start working again with the new version. An important certificate we relied upon had expired.

Sorry, no change to the underline issue in this build.