Navs1 onclick event

When i click on an item in the navs control it automatically takes me to the first form in my app?

@DaveHolt, could you review your questions before you post so that all the information needed to answer the question is provided? You’ll get much better responses.

Have you tried the Navs sample?

I have the same issue, it was working ok but now it’s not.

Navs1 has a href="#" in each tab. so when tapping the tab the app Form1 opens

Do you need to replace event.stopPropagation() with event.preventDefault() ?

I wasn’t able to reproduce this.

I took the sample, added another Form to it with a Navs control, then tested the Navs on each form.

How can I reproduce this?

After some testing I have found that if “EnableBrowserArrows” is set to true then tapping a tab causes it to change to Form 1, if I turn off EnableBrowserArrows then the tabs work as expected.

I need to enable EnableBrowserArrows because I need to be able to use window.history.back();

It looks like you’re having an unfortunate reaction between two libraries: Bootstrap (for the Navs control) and Navigo (for the browser arrows).

It looks like there is an update to Navigo. We will put that into the next build of AppStudio, which might help. Let me know if you want to try it out.

Yes please as I’m using both of those.

Windows or Mac?

I use NSbasic on Windows.

Did you look into the possibilities of building for UWP?

I sent you a DM with the link.

AppStudio is largely written in Python. AFAIK, that’s not one of the languages currently support by Microsoft’s UWP.

Navs1 onclick event: Fixed with AppStudio 8.5 Beta,

Thank you.