Need a little help (missing layout)

Hi there, i have been going along writing a NS basic app for my iphone, all was well, and suddenly all the layout controls on one of my forms are either hidden, missing or deleted. All the source code is still there, but nothing is visible on the layout. Is there possibly a setting i changed to hide all? Or did i select all and accidentally delete? Is there any way to recover the layout?


More notes: If i try to drag a new item onto the design layout, it shows up on the list of items, but cannot be viewed. So i can add items to the display, and delete them, but i still cannot figure out why i can’t see them. I did try quiting and restarting a few times.

Try running the app and checking the Chrome Console. Any errors there?

There might be a problem rendering a control.

I get this:
jqxcore.js:15 Uncaught Error: Invalid Selector! Please, check whether the used ID or CSS Class name is correct.
at k.b.fn. [as jqxGauge] (jqxcore.js:15)
at Main (code.js:382)
at (index):251

when i click on the js:382 link it goes to the code for a JQ Widgets radial gauge i have.

    startAngle: 40,
    endAngle: 300

The gauge was working just fine before this issue.

That doesn’t look like a complete statement.

Is that the only message which appears? Anything else further up?