Need Clarification

I am trying to sell my app and if I do, should I provide a “unique” URL with each sale. It is interactive in the sense that users enter data and get data back. it also allows for creation of data bases. My concern is if each buyer has the same URL, things could get messy. I also read on this site somewhere that different URLs are necessary. I have posted an evaluation version of the app on my website so I can’t control that one. Please advise and thank you.

One url and you’ll need a username and password for your paid subscribers. This can be saved locally so they can stay “logged in” on their device.

Thank you. I will study the dashboard documentation a little better. I also thought that if the user added the app to their home screen another user could do the same, etc. with a different name without negating the previous name. But your solution sounds more reasonable. Thanks again.