Need help getting scrolling Select Group on iPad

I’m converting an iPad app (created with phonegap/Xcode) over from JQM to Bootstrap (not a small task). Most things are working now and I have removed all JQM controls. But I’m having trouble getting Listgroup to scroll.

I use Listgroup to show a number (over 100) terms that the user picks one for a full definition. I’ve looked at past posts on here and samples, and while I can get the control to scroll in the browser, it won’t scroll when built on phonegap. I’m using overflow-y:auto in the style of the control.

I can get it to scroll if I enable “enableAppScroll” in Project Properties, but then all my forms scroll and “bounce” on the iPad.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Does this post from a similar question in the past address your issue?

Kind regards,

Hi Doug, I had looked at that post and downloaded the sample. I put the “overflow-y:auto” in the style of my list group, but while it scrolls when running on desktop/web, it’s not unfortunately with phonegap and the ipad.

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