Need to clear app cache?

One of my apps runs on devices in remote locations and uses bluetooth to connect to sensors and regularly talks to our server.

If this app is running for months on end (24hrs a day), is there any need to clear the app cache occasionally to keep things running smoothly?
I’ve noticed that there are plugins available to clear it.


Is it a Web App, PWA, Andriod or IOS app?

and what cache do you mean? localStorage or the files in your app? or ?

For example, localStorage.clear() would clear all of local storage, and you could rebuild it from your app memory. You can use location.reload(true) to force a PWA or web app to do a hard reload, and refresh the local cache.

I found this too - it’s more of a who knew - location = location and 534 other ways to reload a page.

It’s an Android app.
I’ve done some initial testing, and after 3-4 weeks the app might close (running 24/7) by itself.
I read online that clearing cache may help prevent the app getting tangled over time.
With my latest app update, i added the diagnostic plugin to do a cold restart of the app occasionally (system exit will be performed causing the entire application to be restarted).
I am not sure if clearing cache along with this helps, or if restarting app is enough.
I am starting this testing now.