New error message on app

My app has been on the Google Play Store for several months and working perfectly.
Just recently I started getting this error message when I open the app on my phone.
I am not sure if it is an Android update or an AppStudio update that caused it (if either).

Not using any jqx controls? My apps stopped today. Removed the 2 jqx controls and all went OK.

You need to hook up to the Remote Console - I bet there are messages there which will tell you what is going on.

Nope, all controls are bs4.

Haven’t tried the remote console yet, I wanted to see if the issue was already fixed by AppStudio in a previous update. So I removed the app from my phone that is from the Play Store and went into AppStudio and used ‘Make Native App with Volt Builder’ and i got this when I opened on my phone.
If this is not helpful or not ‘the’ issue I will try the console and see what info it gives me.

This message is unrelated to your problem. Try uninstalling the old version before installing the new one.

Yes, you should look at the remote console.