New project - controls are not visible

I just started a new project today in 8.2.2. I have created a couple forms, and some code. When I select Start in Desktop Browser from the IDE, the app starts up in Chrome but there are no controls showing on the form. My first form is called Login and has two BS Buttons and two BS Inputs arranged inside 3 Flexbox containers.
I get errors in the Chrome console of
“Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘display’ of undefined”
The Sources tab shows this line highlighted: = ‘block’;

I don’t know what this is. I did not do anything different in this project than others.


Have a look how you are using Login. You mention you are using it as the form name. Do you use it as variable or anything else?

Thanks George. Yes, that was the problem. I had the form named ‘Login’ and a function named ‘Login’. I changed the function name and it is all good now.
Thanks for your help!