New Project doesn't clear out the design env

What’s the best way to create a new project? When I choose File>New Project, I’m first asked if I want to save changes to the current project. If I choose No. I’m presented with a Create a Project dialog. When I choose “Create” the old project is still displayed. I can’t figure out how to entirely close out the previous project and start a fresh one.

Just tried it here. The old project disappears and the fresh new one shows up once you complete the Create Project dialog screens.

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You must say YES to save if asked, which you usually are.

Hi Gary,
I believe the behavior I’m seeing is related to the new project location being in a protected AppStudio folder. The process aborts but nothing is shown to indicate that that has happened.

Still, why say “yes” if I don’t want to save changes? Sounds dangerous.


Sorry, I should have explained further. If you say no, you don’t get a new project. But it seems the bug was filled, or it may have been me. I’ve avoided that scenario since. I just retested and it works correctly in 8.0.6b2 - oh nice, I need to install 8.0.6 final. I probably had a different problem, like yourself, when it happened to me. I’ve only been with AppStudio since July and brand new to JS, jQuery, BootStrap, it’s been a ride :slight_smile: