Newbie in forum, newbie with appStudio, newbie with mobile apps :)


thanks for receive me in this forum. I’m a newbie at all. I’m trying the trial of appStudio, and it appears to be very simple to use and learn.

I’m interested to do a mobile app and web app, that need to use api restful functions, in https channel with json messages. Additionally is necesary to use a security protocol Open Id Connect with the protocol OAuth2.0, this protocol uses Json Web Tokens.

Then, since the app is necesary to consume the Identity Provider from the URI When the app have the token, add this in the header “Authorization” with the prefix “bearer”.

The app is a invoice system that need to exchange some data with this protocol.

Is posible to do this with App studio?

Do you have some samples about this functionality?

Thanks for help,

We just concluded an app that does this purely using Javascript. Go the Javascript route and NSBASIC gives you what you need to make the shell and interface. Google for Javascript examples on the pieces you need: JSON, Restful API, OAuth2.0, etc…