Newbie question, Volt.Build


sorry for my newbie question - but I am getting frustrated… :frowning:

Would like to transfer a simple sample app to my iPhone.

When publishing (to local folder?!) there is no www folder, no voltbuilder.json, no folder certificates is created…

What am I doing wrong?



I’m not sure I can help much as I use Visual Studio with Voltbuilder.

Basically, I created the necessary folders (certificates, www etc) and added the files and then manually created the voltbuilder.json, I zip it and upload it via the web UI. I know some of the other (more experienced) developers use nodejs to push their builds to

From their I use the Over The Air (OTA) to download and install to the device.

Are you trying to run as a web app, or a native app created using Make Native App with VoltBuilder in the Run menu?

If it is a native app, AppStudio takes care of making all the folders, zipping them and submitting to VoltBuilder.


I had to change the project properties to “iOS” - always got an Android download.

The 1st time I get an error because of the missing .p12 file.

But the folder “certificates” is created!

After copying all necessary files to “certificates” folder I got my iPhone app being installed using the QR code!!!


It was your sample app “CordovaPlugins”.

When clicking on “Camera” or “Barcode” the app crashes.

But the most important thing:

Managed to install a 1st app on my iPhone.




What I did wrong - maybe interesting for “newbies” like me… :wink:

When using AppStudio and building via Volt-Builder AppStudio does almost everything for you!

I thought I’d have to zip all the files, upload them etc. manually…

Just specify the “target” in the project settings:

Start building native app with Volt.Builder - make sure all cert’s and signing files are copied to the “certificates” folder (will be generated automatically).

That’s it!


Thank you for all your support.