Newbie to appstudio : need 2 install these files before install?

i know demo mode can’t run volt builder.but after i get such msg below,i am lost to all this app,do i
need to made sure all these are set up properly? or am i getting a ‘hacker’ version?

node not found.
npm not found.
cordova not found.
keytool not found. Install Java Development Kit(JDK).
Gradle not found. Install Gradle.
Android SDK Manager (sdkmanager) not found.
Android Virtual Device Manager (avdmanager) not found.
emulator not found. Check Android Studio AVD Manager.

Please see the Cordova article in the AppStudio Wiki for information on how to install the Cordova prequisites.

Close to continue.

What run option are you using?

It looks like you tried Make Native App with Cordova. That will not work with the demo.

[1]my question is after i purchase as8 , for volt builder,is there any prequisites to settle before installing as8?
[2]do i need to create a keystore myself?
[3]after i purchase as8,does volt builder automatically create a full release apk[not the same name for all apk app];if not, what should i do first? prequisites like installing android jdk?running in cmd in win10.
sorry if i ask too many question

Good questions.

  1. No, you do not need to install anything else.
  2. Yes. Here’s how:
  3. Yes, VoltBuilder creates the full apk. There is nothing else to install.